And then you will feel the adrenaline kick in, your pupils will dilate and you will feel like you are being shot out of a cannon, up, up and away!
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Mushroom Power!

By Gnome (Updated)

Magic mushrooms are a psychedelic drug. They are much like LSD in some ways and different in others. All psychedelic mushrooms contain mind-altering chemicals such as Psilocybin and Psilocin. There are many mushrooms which grow around the globe and have these chemicals within them. The most common one growing in Britain would be the Liberty cap. But psychoactive mushrooms don't grow everywhere, but they can be! A very small growing set-up is all that is required if one wants to cultivate psychedelic mushrooms. The most commonly cultivated mushroom is probably Psilocybe Cubensis. Mainly because it is the easiest to grow.

So what is their to expect when consuming psychedelic mushrooms? From my experience with Cubensis, the first thing one feels is a body high, as if your really stoned. There may be some adrenaline and maybe a tickle in the stomach. You will have a feeling that strange things are defenitely starting to happen. If you have eaten a good dose (anything over 2g should do it) you will soon beable to vaguely make out some shapes or patterns dancing about when you close your eyes. These will intensify until your trip peaks(about 2-3 hours after you have eaten them) at which point, you will slowly start drifting back into reality. The effects of the mushroom will probably where off roughly six hours after they have been eaten, although the higher the dose taken, the longer the trip lasts. The mushrooms are not to be taken lightly. They are a profound experience. You will feel as though you have been to many different places, had many different emotions and seen many amazing things. The inner workings of the mind become laid out in front of you and you are free to cruise the infinite passageways within it. You feel over-whelmed by all the information that is flowing through you. And you'll constantly feel that you are exploring a place of never-ending madness.

The mushroom trip is a journey!

To have the best time on mushrooms I suggest: Plan before hand when and where you're going to trip. Find somewhere where you won't be disturbed by your family or by the public. Secure a good music player with Good headphones and all you're favourite music.Eat some shrooms. Get comfortable. If you are doing them outside then make sure you're not gonna get cold. If your eating them indoors a darkened room with maybe one or two candles can be really cool. Doing them at night time is good because the visuals are so much clearer and better when it is darker.


-Psychedelic patterns and shapes
-Objects ‘breath’ and shine as though they are about to melt
-Ego becomes twisted, Emotions swing from one extreme to the other
-Schizophrenia (continuous mad thoughts)
-Colours become intensified
-Auditory hallucinations (Sound and music jumbles up, loops, stretches, etc)
-The body feels heavy and slow (body load)
- Any task such as standing, walking and talking is made more difficult
-Sounds and thoughts may create visual images and patterns
-Complex 3D patterns form and transform when the eyes are closed
-Complete Loss of time (and sometimes reality)
-People look like lizards, gnomes, fluffy ducks, devils, egg-men, etc
-One can forget who they are and what everything else is
-One can leave the body!

Fresh or dry mushrooms can be purchased from mushroom galleries in Amsterdam. Certain mushrooms that grow wild in the UK have psychedelic effects although picking mushrooms is dangerous because there are plenty of lethal ones out there that can kill you. A lot of people tend to grow there own which is probably the best way if your dying for some good quality psychedelics and don’t want the madness of Amsterdam all over again.

Magic Mushrooms are NOT a party drug. They are a tool used for exploring the capabilities of the mind. A Magic mushroom trip can be a mind-blowing experience that alters your perception of reality drastically while you are on the drug. But can leave you with an altered perception of reality after the experience.

Health risks
Again, these are natural drugs which make them a lot safer than drugs like LSD. Mushrooms can alter ones perception of reality after they have come down from the drug. Although this isn’t particularly bad. But after doing psychedelics, one realises what the mind can REALLY be capable of.
Any proper psychedelic can cause the brain damage if done in excess. Spreading out the trips (say 4 experiences a year) will allow one to appreciate the experience and focus in on what happened.