The Cambridge Crew. Cambridge Graffiti. Psychedelic Cambridge. Underground Cambridge. Higher Frequencies in Cambridge.Welcome to the Higher Frequencies website. Pictures and Information on strange chemicals, strange places and strange people. Started in January 2002.

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Last Update 30/03/04

Welcome! You have managed to stumble upon the Higher Frequencies website. Running in Cambridge UK. On this site you will find information about Psychoactice Mind Candy, Some drug inspired images and a Graffiti section that currently holds all sorts of graffiti from around Cambridge. The main aim of this site is to hold information about a few interesting things, and to show off the photos and images that I have gathered together. So Sign the Guestbook and Enjoy your trip!!

A look at psychedelics and their presence in society...

OThER STufF...

Psychedelics adj. Denoting a drug which causes hallucinations; having vivid colours and complex patterns similar to those experienced during hallucinations.

Welcome! I started this site in the early months of 2002 and have been slowly adding to it since then. I was born in Cambridge and spend most of my time there. I am interested in art and music.

I decided to make this web-site so as to document the Infinite and boundless states that can be explored within life. I am interested in people who push the boundaries, who try and live life without limits.

This website mainly contains graffiti that has been done in Cambridge UK. With a selection of images that were taken between 2001 and 2002. Theres quite a nice collection of trains, walls and bridges in there that are worth checking out. Sadly I no longer have the time to take flics anymore so the graffiti section will stay up but will no longer be updated. There is also a section about psychedelics and some extra stuff thrown in for fun.

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